“A Twisted Life – – Once upon a time…” A new real life based novel is in pipeline…!

After a well groomed report and reviews on “Troubleshooting Humans — When god carry own laptop” sample copy, it is already been in printing and I planned to pen down a real life based new story soon, will titled as “A Twisted Life – – Once upon a time…”!

In a silent evening with blazing stars, a spark and twist of a real life make me inspire to make one more twist with Twisted Life..! The story will based on an engineering student, his 4 year college… ups- downs.. those smiles, those dry days… those fun and lot many things…

The straight going life Twisted when the guy heard ‘Byeeee’ in echoing railway station! Indeed, that was the start of Twist! There the story begins and yet we have few question, Will the words in silence keep echoing??? Will the start with Bye may never end?? and many more..!

The story is based on student who started his twisted journey with a soul, when he never knew whether it may affection, love or annatation….. Indeed, journey bloomed with smiles and happiness… But still I don’t know, it was just a smile or happiness or that was creating memories for them..?? The innocence adds extra flavor to glazing dooming Twists..

Yeah, as many others, it became “Once upon a time” gradually and raised few confusion and questions…!!

Yeah, it is Twist, after all!

This novel will not reflect life of characters only, but also will reflect many other life, who has a new twist every footstep..! It is Story of all, you, me and many..!!

It will worth for you to wait for the ‘A Twisted Life – – Once upon a time…’ you will surely love it…

And here, I starts first chapter of the new story ‘A Twisted Life – – Once upon a time…’ with all love of you..!!


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