It is all you that I ever wanted .

Its Strange! Its Twist!

The people who make a difference
in your life are not the ones
with the most credentials,
or money, or awards.
It’s the ones who care for you.
Only those who care,
Make a difference.
If you realize the truth
The world will be heaven for you
Dearest I have given my heart to you
Putting myself in coffin
Make it worth sleeping in there
For your smile in your life
Is essential to me than
My little pleasure of life
What does it make?
Whether I cry or smile
For whom I should smile
I had the wildest dream
Now they all are gone in hurricane
I am sorry I can’t lie to you
I can never love another than you
I had my ups and downs
Life was never rocking much
Earth stood still or blown to pieces
What it makes to me and my life
When I can’t have you near
My life is worth nothing dear
Just a piece of blank paper
You have changed a lot in one month
I can sense the reason in your answers
Now I know the reason why you are not here
Are you trying to kill your love for me?
You can never know my restlessness
Times I feel that I cannot make another day
Looking at the girls
When they make me coffee or another
I know I have to go for as they need me
This is such a crazy world
So many out there like me struggling
Life is a battle everyday
I must not lose single day
I must find myself and my love again
This is not the life I wanted
It is all you that I ever wanted

K N Nagaraj 9-12-2011
Copyrighted and Published Poetry


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