Bharat Ratna – A Prestige!

Bharat Ratna. As I see over many years the politics is involved in the process of awarding the prize.  It has been given to anyone to whom they want to please. Now they are altering the policy to award Sachin Tendulkar. Is it right? How foolish, he has already been given the highest award given to sportsmen – Khel Ratna. Why Bharat Ratna now?   Our Govt. is ready to change the policy for one person. With this modification there is another claim to it, Abhinav Bhindra for winning Olympic Gold. Tomorrow there will be many who put their claim, then the politicians will involve deeply began to think in terms of their vote bank. I have nothing against their contribution to sports, but definitely not Bharat Ratna.

The thing is what contribution they have made to the nation as a whole, what great change they have brought in society, the public, and to the people of India. He had made runs and has earned in crores, is that a contribution to the country. Sports must be kept away from this highest award, unless they made certain contribution. Think of Homy Bhabha, the man who brought atomic energy to India. Today he has made the entire nation proud; it is he who started the first atomic reactor in India. And this permission he sought sending a telegram to Nehru, the man who was socialist at heart. They thought of providing education, food and shelter. Never thought beyond this, had they succeeded in giving education up to tenth standard, we would have produced only laborers. There is Jagadish Chandra Bose, C V Raman and list goes up whose contribution has brought astonishing changes in their respective field, to the science and to the world.

What one helping hand can bring ocean change in once life. Long back Sudha Murthy was travelling in a train from Mumbai to Bangalore.  The train left station and was moving towards Bangalore. At this hour Ticket Collector came to check the passenger’s tickets, suddenly he said harshly, you come out. A girl came from under the seat. She must be school going girl, running away from home probably not able to bear the poverty or step mother’s treatment. She was silent, spoke nothing putting down her head was looking at the feet. Lastly, ticket collector said to get down at the next station.  Her sorrowful face touched the thoughts of Sudha Murthy.  She told ticket collector that she will buy the ticket for her till Bangalore along with fine. In spite TCs persuasion not to buy ticket, Sudha Murthy bought ticket for her. She asked girl to come sit on a seat besides her, then a passenger asked his son to cover the place, Sudha Murthy said, she has a ticket now and she has every claim to one seat besides her.  He kept quiet and backed away. When then food came, Sudha Murthy bought her meals. Till then she has not spoken single word, but now she spoke the truth.

Next day, when rail reached at Bangalore Sudha Murthy got down from the train and went towards her waiting car. Surprisingly the little girl followed her, her eyes were pleading. Now she got panicked, what to do now, she only wanted to help her coming till Bangalore so that she need not get down at unknown station. Now the girl was following her. To leave her in unknown city like Bangalore was dangerous, she is just a girl. Then she made up her mind asked the girl to sit in the car. She obeyed. Driver was surprised and looked at her in questioning eyes. She asked him to drive the car to Bharati Balikashrama. It is run by two Engineers. An old lady who has seen the worst of her life was looking after the girls residing their. Around 15 girls were there. Sudha Murthy used pay visit and help the Balikashrama. On reaching there, she took the girl inside; on entry only an old lady met her and greeted her. Sudha Murthy told the story to her and asked her to keep the girl in that Balikarshrama. The expenses of the girl will be looked after. She paid some money and asked her to buy some new dresses for this girl. It was dangerous to leave her on roads.

After two days when she visited Balikashrama, she saw that girl was sitting amidst little girls and teaching them. She looked happy and relaxed. The lady said that the girl has said the same thing to her too. It looks like she is very much interested in learning. They agreed and put her in school. In shortest time, she became favorite girl of the class with high marks. She completed her TENTH grade with 84%. Sudha Murthy asked her will she go to college and complete her B.E., she will pay for it. But girl said, no, she said she will join Diploma course, most of her classmates are joining the same. Though Sudha Murthy tried to persuade her, she was reluctant. Probably she was willing to be independent financially, not a burden to anyone. So, she took admission to Diploma course in Computer Science and finished the course with top marks.

She also got a job in company with good pay. With her first salary, she bought a saree and sweet box to Sudha Murthy and bowed to her feet. She had distributed entire salary among children’s of Ashrama. Now there was another problem, since she was earning, as per the rules of Ashrama, she could not stay there. But Sudha Murthy persuaded her to keep her in Ashrama till her return from USA visit. The old lady joked, is she going to take the responsibility of her marriage too. She was doing well in the company. One day she came and said, Akka, the company is happy with my performance at work and is sending me to USA for three years for further training. I am leaving in another two weeks. Since you are coming after two weeks from you tour, I came to inform you and take your blessings.

Even after going to USA they were in touch with each other through email. She got regular promotions in her job with her job. After few years Sudha Murthy was visiting USA and was staying in San Francisco. The Kannada people arranged a meet and interaction with her in that hotel. While leaving she went to pay the bill, but the receptionist said that the bill is for, the young lady over there has paid your bill. Surprised, Sudha Murthy turned back to look at the young lady, and she was none other the little girl that travelled with her without ticket in train. A little girl from Karnataka. She has grown taller, short hair and was happy. Sudha Murthy asked, OH! Chitra, how come you are here, how did you know I am here and why are you paying the bill.

Akka, like any other Kannadiga I knew that you are coming here and came to meet you. You wanted me to marry and settle in life. Never once you asked me about my caste, religion. She called a young white American, namely, John and said he is working in the same company and soon they are getting married. If it is not for you, I don’t know where I could have been, may be a child labourer, a …….. worker, a beggar on the street. You formed my life and I am here today. The hotel bill is paid for the ticket you bought for me in train. This time it was Sudha Murthy who was in tears.

Just imagine, one small helping hand can change the world of poor, needy people. It can twist the life of a person. Today we are earning in thousands, but spend little on social work.  If we all work together, what ocean change we can bring in the life of …………………………… There are few amongst us, I am aware of one such person who resides in Vadagaon has helped two boys to get Diploma. Today those boys have set up their own industry in Pune with crores of turnover. That is life….. That is twist….  Shall we try to bring one such change in someone’s life? Ultimately, earning fat salary is not everything in life.

Owned and Copywrited to K N Sir!


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