Book Review : THE KITE RUNNER… A must read book!

Book Summary (“The Kite-Runer”)

Book: The Kite Runner
Author: Khaled Hosseini
Pages: 325
Bloomberry publication, London

“The Kite Runner” – a very interesting book by the master story-tellerKhaled Hosseini talks about friendship, pride, trust, betrayal, truth, deception, courage, mistakes, guilts, redemption, satisfaction, love, family, customs and much more…!!

The novel shows a continuous change in its background. Involves pleasant Afghanistan during1930s to 1970s until the Russian army entrapments to the Afghan borders, rise of Taliban and back steps of Russia from Afghanistan, cruel face of Taliban, massacres of Hazaras and all who even dare to see against Taliban, turning beautiful face of Kabul and whole Afghanistan into weird and frightful and finally control over Taliban’s activity by Delta forces of US after 11th September, 2001 twin tower chapter.

Among all above havoc of politics, nationality issues of Afghans and addle of social beliefs and customs, Author beautifully describes an attention catching story of two friends Amir – the son of a rich man and Hassan – a Hazara servent’s son. Story holds lots of ups and downs and few secrets which gives sudden turns to its flow. Hassan’s loyalty many times made Amir feel low of him during their childhood. Amir left Kabul with his father and settled in Fremont,US after Russian entrapment. Hassan and his wife had been killed by Taliban in streets of Kabul while opposing to destroy baba(Amir’s Father)’s house leaving his 4 years son – Sohrab behind them as an orphan. Amir went to Kabul just to take Sohrab out from the cage of Taliban and surprisingly he managed it with the condition next to death and reached Peshawar. Then went to Islamabad, fought with US embassy for approval of Sohrab’s VISA as it was quite difficult to adopt an afghan child because of absence of US embassy in Afghanistan, went to the advocate and went through loads of troubles to make that happen. Finally, with the help of Soraya – his wife, managed to bring Sohrab legally to US.

Suffered child Sohrab had lost the flame of liveliness from his life. Amir and Soraya tried a lot to bring life back to his life and finally succeeded.

Among all above stuffs, we wonder why the novel is named as “The KiteRunner”…!!Well, Hassan was the brilliant kite runner. He had never lost a single kite and always run to get kite for his friend – Amir, during “kite-fights”. The actual story was stated with the Kite fight in 1975 in Kabul in which Hassan ran for Amir, to get a kite for Amir, to make him feel proud and at last in Fremont,2001, Amir ran to get a kite for Sohrab –Hassan’s son to make him smile..!!!


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