A thought to ‘get planned’! :)

Let me say first, I am not kinda ‘well-planned’ person! But, I am been inspired to become planned from my radio co-host Ali! As learnt – preparation is key. I know lots of people shy away from planners or weekly diaries and many have taken their whole lives online (my geek friends believe that it’s time to get in ‘the cloud’) but sometimes there’s something satisfying about writing things down. And can I be honest and say I don’t really trust ‘the cloud’ that much? Like, hmmm, what is it? So this year – why not go lo-fi (how hipster!) and get yourself a diary/planner in which to write your goals, appointments, to do lists, random thoughts and anything else that strikes you.

I’m in no way an expert on this but I’m a crazy list maker – to the point of being ridiculous sometimes – and I’m pretty sure its been useful in keeping me on track in the past. I like the type of diaries that have a whole week across two pages – you could always go for a day-to-a-page diary if you like but they are obviously more bulky. And don’t worry, even though it’s mid way through January – better late than never right?


As I said, I’m not an expert of planning, but my co-host of radio show is! So in all way, my tips to get started would certainly make sense!!!! 😛

Get started using it:

1. First things first – mark out your public holidays or other sorts of holidays (uni, work etc).

2. Mark in your friends and family birthdays – you can find these in the events section of Facebook if your friends are on it. Get on the phone and ask for dates if needbe.

3. Mark in your diary any weekly or monthly appointments you have (ie weekly deadline for my Salamanca bazaar post, table tennis sessions etc). I usually only do this one or two months in advance as you never know what can change.

4. Add in any new years resolutions – putting in specific goals in relation to savings, health, fitness etc.

5. Use your weekly diary as a place to write your appointments, to do lists and others. If you get a chance you can sit down on a Sunday/Monday and plan the week out in advance – exercise, catch ups with friends, emails and any major tasks you need to complete.
6. If you’re a blogger you can use your diary to keep track of what you want to post and any other things you need to do.


Here are some little diary ideas! (One is mine, and one is kind of similar looking of that one Ali has!)

D's Diary

This is one I have!


Ali's Diary!

This something kind of the one which Ali use!









I hope some of these ideas help you plan out 2013. May be with me, you too be a good planner (if not ‘well planned’)!

Do you have any other tips or insights as to how you use your diary?


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