A Facebook Friend Request from your boss. Would you Accept it??

Hmm…Well, the easy answer to this would be ‘No’.  However, it also depends on the type of person that you are as well as the kind of Facebook account you are maintaining.  According to Michelle Nichols of Reuters, a survey of 1,000 … Continue reading

Now ‘Timeline’ on your Facebook Profile!!… Biggest Redesign Ever

Facebook Profile!

Timeline on Facebook Profile


After an extended wait, the much ballyhooed, much reviled Facebook Timeline is finally here, an official blog post Thursday announced to the world.

While the update has been available in some areas — such as New Zealand last week — for testing and developing purposes, beginning today, the new feature will be available to everyone everywhere.

Users looking to check out the service immediately can go to the Introducing Timeline page and click “Get It Now” button near the bottom right. Otherwise, an announcement will eventually appear at the top of your profile, according to Facebook.

The world’s most prominent social network hopes its latest digital makeover — which aggregates and organizes your profile chronologically — will help you “rediscover the things you shared, and collect your most important moments.

“It’s the heart of your Facebook experience, completely rethought from the ground up,” Zuckerberg gushed when he first introduced the feature druing this year’s f8 conference. “Timeline is the story of your life.”

For those worried about what exactly from their past might be popping up with the new profile, Facebook is giving users up to seven days to review their new Timeline before it becomes public.

Rather to read more, try TIMELINE on your Facebook Profile!!!!

The Journey – towards destination…

When I spent evening on railway station,

I learned an un-teached lession…

No far, ur destination is,

If you have got your Passion..

The W/L  (Wait List), hope for RAC,

No Confirm ticket, no ticket in AC…

The heavy traffic, the railway  crowd…

Every on platform, pawns and clown..!!

How many times I nearly miss the train,

By running up the staircase once again,

For some dear trifle almost left behind…

At that last moment the unwary mind

Forgets the solemn tick of station-time;

That muddy lane the feet must climb—

The bridge—the ticket—the signal down—

Train just emerging beyond the town…

People in your compartment, Becomes your friends..

The discussion goes on, politics and current trends…

The train tiklle, the ticket checker,

Few funny, few lovely… few decent, few troublesome people…

Around the globe, I love the life..

It colorful cloud, and joy is high…

Oh! Train moves, clock ticks, the route cuts..

Its heavy wind let me window shut…

The long train moves: we move in it along,

Like an old ballad, or an endless song,

It drones and wimbles its unwearied croon—

Croons, drones, and mumbles all the afternoon…

And destination comes, The Hiee and Bye…

To the people, you had been acquaintance…

It was not train moved station to station,

It was when i got my destination…

When I spent evening on railway station,

I learned an un-teached lession…

No far, ur destination is,

If you have got your Passion..

Book Review: First Step 2 Forever: My Story, by Justin Bieber

American Idol Season 7 Runner Up, David Archuleta wasn’t too young to pen his memoirs when he


JUSTIN BIEBER: First step 2 Forever - An official Life Story of Justine Biber

wrote Chords of Strength. So it may not come as a surprise that super celeb Justin Bieber has written his first book. It’s called Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story, and (yes, I realize that’s plenty of colons) it is 100% official, as his cover art suggests. It comes from the good folks over at PEOPLE.

From HarperCollins, the book includes lots of exclusive photos for his fans as well as the story of his road to fame and near overnight success. Bieber’s Love Me Video is also dedicated to his fans. He knows how to keep them smiling. These images from his work on upcoming episodes of CSI should also make you grin. First Step 2 Forever hits book shelves in October.

With his new memoir, First Step 2 Forever: My Story, pop sensation Justin Bieber also divulges a deep, dark secret: pizza is awesome! And so is God! Oh, and so are girls! In fact, girls are so amazing Continue reading

The First Post..! Twitter or Twister???

Give wings to your Thoughts..!

This was well quoted by a Mysterious Mystery, and today here I go live with fury of my thoughts..!

I just stumbed with a jumbled thought…!! TWITTER or TWISTER??

I was surfing through Twiter and found, most of post were About Life twists! Yeah, of course, Twist is to be shared… But, how would it be, if Twitter Renamed as Twister???

I find it interesting, What you thing, Cast your vote here…!!