Fury of Thoughts..!

Ways to exercise away your angst

Life can be (or rather is) very stressful at times. People employ all sorts of methods to combat the rigours of modern living but a guaranteed stress reliever is something available to us all – a bit of good old fashioned exercise.  It is believed that exercise provides a wide variety of psychological benefits for participants, naturally improving our self-esteem but also triggering the release of various endorphins and other chemicals into our brains.

All together these benefits help to induce a feeling of wellbeing giving us a mood boost and much needed pick-me-up when life gets too much. So, if you are tied up in a knot of angst try out these stress-busting workouts provided by realbuzz …

Stillness of mind with yoga

Yoga is a well known stress busting and relief technique and for good reason. The poses combined with steady-breathing exercises…

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