Welcome 2012 – A poem!

Welcome 2012!!

Near is new New Year, nearer is New Year Eve,

Blissfully and mirthfully we wish well to receive !

Everywhere is spoken and heard  ’HAPPY NEW YEAR’,

Well-wishing each other who we bear near and dear !

Orgies are organized cheerfully drinking whisky or beer,

With utter disregard to our sacred national atmosphere !

Sophisticated society share all that fairly and squarely,

Staggering, stuttering or wobbling and standing barely !

Elite class ladies and gents do dance with choosy pairs,

Persuading each other to enter hush-hush hut upstairs !

Bottle after bottle is consumed in the name of festivity,

Taking such celebrating for trendy traditional activity !

All that’s blind culture over and above Indian sanctity,

With utter disregard of our unparalleled global identity !                                            

Which is tantamount to stigmatize Holy Indian Culture,

Thereby vitiating our national arena and its sculpture !

That’s only a whimsical tradition called modernization,

Blindly believed as sophistication by modern generation ! 

Foreign Rule having since gone, its way of life is yet alive,

Indian Calendars are dead, only exotic calendars survive !

Governments, Judiciary, Teaching Centres and Businessmen,

All follow Catholic Calendar unaware of Indian Calendar-span !

Yippee ! Yet our rituals follow rudimentary Indian Calendar,

Based on our solar system causing earthly wonder or thunder !


4 thoughts on “Welcome 2012 – A poem!

  1. We wish to thank you once again for the gorgeous ideas you offered Janet when preparing her post-graduate research and also, most importantly, pertaining to providing every one of the ideas in one blog post. Provided that we had been aware of your site a year ago, we will have been saved the unwanted measures we were participating in. Thank you very much.

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