Build up your immunity..!!

We are blessed with an immune system that protects us from all sorts of infections and diseases. We maintain reasonably good health despite exposure to disease-causing agents because we have an in-built immune system and we maintain it with good eating and clean living habits. Just as we develop immunity in the body we need to develop immunity of the spirit to protect the purity of our heart, mind and soul and stay free of negativity. Some of us are aware that we are exposed and susceptible to millions of negative vibrations from the external world, and to negativity in us.

We need to transform ourselves from within to overcome negative karmas and influences. Negativities are an insult to the soul. They block the very light of the soul. Mind is a gift from God and we should not allow it to get polluted. In order to increase spiritual immunity, let’s learn to overcome jealousy, doubt and unnecessary desires. Another most common tendency is that we keep remembering and reliving the past, both achievements and traumas. We blame others for our misfortunes and take credit for our successes.

But often, we are responsible for our misfortunes, and we come to fear the future. Stop thinking of past achievements and failures and learn to live in the present. Then only we can come back to the original state of purity and build immunity of spirit. When the ignorant irk us, we need to be patient and not get upset or retort. At the same time, we must acknowledge and accept the knowledge in others without being contemptuous or arrogant. Thus, when we calmly hear without reacting, we become immune to people’s criticisms and praise that are meant to cloud our perspective.

Then their negativity will not rub on us and we will be able to shore up good karma. The young are impressionable and eager to learn. They are able to absorb divine vibrations easily, though they tend to be hot-headed and impatient. This could be why swearing comes so easily to them with a short temper and the desire to see instant results. This spoils the purity of their mind and heart. When purity and innocence is lost, grace stops flowing and you begin to accumulate bad karma! The older generation needs to come out of their comfort zone and the youth must come out of their impatient and adamant zone.

We must be willing to identify and firmly resolve to drop off all our negative traits one by one right from young age itself so that the process of cultivating immunity begins. Although the physical body is always impure, the mind should be kept clean. This will help us refine our intuitive powers so that we are able to decide what to do, when to do and how to do. Only when we are willing to learn do we begin to recognise, receive, retain and contain the Divinity in us. Spiritual immunity protects us like a fortress from negative people, negative vibrations and karmic blocks from our past and present lives.


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